Letter M – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(an) Amateur Mistake – (noun) This is a slang phrasal noun to describe a mistake which “should not” have been made because it is considered to be far “below” the skill-level or knowledge-level of the person who has made the mistake…  “To forget to put gas in the car before heading into the desert, was an *amateur mistake* for such seasoned explorers.”

(a) Meltdown – (noun) This is a slang term for when someone or something completely “breaks down” / “falls apart” / “fails utterly” – or can describe when a person goes crazy or becomes so amazingly (and surprisingly) angry that he or she starts acting like a complete lunatic.  The term is taken from another (un-official) term for when the reactor core of a nuclear power-plant suffers damage from over-heating.

(to be) Mind-Boggling – (adjective) This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase which is used to describe something (usually something seen or heard) that is so amazing or surprise (either for “good” or “bad”) that is causes one to be confused and not be able to formulate his or her thoughts for a moment…  “The amount of money that Mark Zuckerberg has made from a free website is just *mind-boggling*!”

(a) Mockumentary – (noun) This is a slang term is also a “play on words” which is used to describe a “fake” documentary.  It comes from the verb “to mock” which can mean: to make fun of, or to imitate, usually for the sake of entertainment.

(a) Movie-Buff – (noun) To describe someone as a Movie-Buff” (or a “buff” of any other subject) just means that he or she is very knowledgeable about that subject in general, and is very interested or passionate about it.  This term is most commonly used with the word “movie” (“John is a real *Movie-Buff*! He knows everything there is to know about any movie you ask him about.”) but can be used with other phrases, such as: “History”, “Literature”, “Physics” – However, many other subjects have their own collocations to mean the same thing.

(to be) Muggy – (adjective) This slang term is used to describe the weather.  Specifically, to say that it is VERY VERY humid.  So if someone says that it is, “…very *muggy* today…”, then that person is describing the kind of weather that is so humid that a person starts dripping sweat even when they are sitting still – and it just REALLY needs to rain.

(to be) Open-Minded – (adjective) This is an idiomatic phrasal adjective that is used to describe a person (or group) who is “open” to new ideas, and is willing to consider new or different things or concepts, even if those things or concepts are unfamiliar to him or her, or that it means he or she may have to change his or her mind or say that he or she is/was wrong about something.  In other words, a mature person who shows a certain depth of wisdom.

–  ( English Slang – Letter M )  –

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