Letter J – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(to be) Jaded – This is a slang term which just means that one has experienced so much of a certain type of experience (usually “bad”) that that person no longer is emotionally affected by the situation, even though a typical person would probably be VERY affected by it…  “I have heard so many ridiculous, stupid, and completely immature excuses about why some of my students can’t come to class or why they missed a class, but then want me to reschedule for them, (even though it takes away from my time which I do not get paid for) that I have become completely *jaded* and no longer care about what they have to say.”

(to) Juggle (many different things) – Since a juggler is a person who throws a bunch of things in the air and then catches them and throws them up and then catches them, and on, and on, and on.  The term *juggling* has recently been used to mean the same thing as “multi-tasking”.  However, since anyone on the planet can multi-task, and it actually takes talent to juggle – people who don’t actually have much talent, like to say that they are, “good at *juggling* a lot of things”, to make it seem like it is a big accomplishment.

(a “Something”) Junkie – To describe someone as a “__________ Junkie” (a “video-game junkie”, “a facebook junkie”, etc.) is a very strange way of saying that someone is very addicted – or at least seems to be addicted to that thing.  The reason that it is strange is that the term “Junkie” originally was used to refer to someone who was a severe Heroin and/or pill addict, to the point that he or she could not control him/herself and destroyed his/her and other people’s lives as well.  However, using the term “Junkie” for any other thing is (strangely) used in a “cute” or “joking” sort of way…  even though there is absolutely nothing “cure” or “funny” about being or being associated with an actual junkie.

–  ( English Slang – Letter J )  –

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