Letter H – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(a) Half-Truth – See:  Slang – Letter “T”, for “Truth”

(to be) Handy – (adjective) This is a slang adjective used to describe a person who is able to do a lot of things; usually related to fixing or building things.  It comes from the idea that a person is good at working with his/her “hands”.

(to) Head (somewhere) – (verb) As a verb this word is used to mean:  “Travel in the direction of…” and is always followed by some directional phrase.  The reason for using this word comes from the time when humans travelled on horses or by horse-drawn carriages and wagons (or by some other beast of burden.)  To make the animal travel in a specific desired direction, it was necessary to turn the animals head in that direction.  That’s why we say…  “*Head* East” – “*Head* down the street” – “*Head* over the bridge” – “*Head* towards your grandma’s house” – “*Head* right on out of here and get your ass to the principal’s office!  NOW!!!”

(a) Headhunter – (noun) This is a business slang term for a person who professionally searches for people to fill certain positions at various companies.

(to be) High-End – (adjective) This is an adjectival term which is used to describe something which is almost always expensive for whatever it is, but this is because it is most often also of very high quality as well…  However, there are a number of things which are considered to be *high-end* especially clothes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, liquor, wine, etc. but may not be any better than the items that are much less expensive due to not having as big of a reputation with rich people and anyone who likes modern-day (so-called) hip-hop music.

–  ( English Slang – Letter H )  –

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