Letter G – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


Gobbledygook – (spelling varies) This is a non-sensical word which is used to describe very much the same thing; language which does not seem to make sense or is very sloppy…

“Here at GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, we are committed to fixing the non-sensical *gobbledygook* which has passed for the English language for far too long.  Most people have no idea how to even use their own language!  This is why, we believe that it will be those people who learn English as a foreign language who will actually be able to utilize it more effectively.”

(a) Grey-Area – This is a slang term which is used to describe a subject, area, field, topic, etc. – or specified area of the same, which lacks definite boundaries, classifications, or rules, and which may be sometimes confusing…

“There are some areas of English grammar which are very clear – like The Parts Of Speech.  But then there are a lot of areas – like Prepositions and Conditionals, which tend to fall into much more of a *grey area*.  In other words, there are no specific rules and there are a lot of exceptions.”  –  (See Also:  (to be) “Black and White”)

Grub – This is a slang term which can be used as either a Noun or a Verb.  As a Noun, it refers to “Food”.  But in most cases, the type of food that is considered to be grub is that really delicious but not-very-fancy type of food that we all eat when we want to feel good and don’t care so much about how healthy it is, or how polite we are when eating it.  Such as:  Hamburgers, Pizza, French-Fries, Nachos, Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches, and Spaghetti; and anything that can be eating with ones hands or which requires licking of the fingers…  As a verb (grubbing), the word describes the action of eating that same kind of food very enthusiastically, with great amounts of satisfaction, and (usually) without caring about so-called “proper” table-manners.  This is most often done when one is very hungry.

–  ( English Slang – Letter G )  –

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