Letter F – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


  • (A) Control-Freak – This is a derogatory slang phrasal noun, used to describe a person who thinks, feels, and believes that he or she absolutely needs to have everything exactly as he or she wants them and gets, not only very uncomfortable when they are not, but also makes things very uncomfortable and difficult for others, when he or she does not “get his/her way”…  “My ex-girlfriend Amy is an impossible control freak when it came to our relationship, that she she even tried to set rules for what I was allowed to do in my PAST, before we even met!!!”

  • (To) Fancy (someone/something) – This is almost exclusively a British English slang term, which means:  To “Like” or “Be Interested In” someone or something…  “I quite *fancy* that girl.  I think I’ll ask her if she *fancies* having dinner with me sometime.”

  • Fifty-Fifty (50/50) – This is an adjective phrase which represents an equal 50% x 50% measurement of whatever it is describing.  Usually used with the word “chance” or to say how something will be divided…  “There is about a *fifty-fifty* chance of success or failure.”  –  “As equal partners we will not only divide the work equally, but we will also split all the earnings *50/50*.”

  • (To Be) Fishy – This is a slang term to describe something which seems very much like it is a scam or that there are some dishonest dealings going on.  It can also be used to describe a person who is a bit strange and does not seem very honest…   “There’s something fishy about the guy.”  –  “This website says that they have brand new authentic Rolex watches for only $50 each.  There’s something fishy about that.”

  • (a) Flop [Noun] – This is a slang term which is used to describe something as a complete failure or a disappointment…  “I was helping a friend of mine and his team to organize the sequel to one of the biggest and most successful techno-parties that Wisconsin had ever seen.  The first one was so successful and well-known that my friend tried to make the second, about five-times bigger than the first.  Unfortunately the the fliers for the event completely mis-represented it, and it turned out to be a complete flop.  All-in-all, I think about $15-20,000 was lost on the event.”

  • (To) Flop [Verb] – This is the verb form of the noun above…  To fail miserably.

  • (to) Flounder – This is phrasal verb phrase which means to do something in a very confused and disorganized way and to not really accomplish much.  A “Flounder” is a fish, so if you can imagine taking a fish out of water and the way it flops around with almost no chance of making it back into the water – this is where the phrase comes from…  “He floundered in his career for years before discovering the key to his success.”

  • (one’s) Flow – This is a phrasal noun which is used to describe the state of being when a person is doing some activity so well and so efficiently that it is almost like the “flow” of water – unhindered and free from the obstruction of thought and that actual mechanics of what is being done…  “When I’m in my flow, my work no longer feels like work.  I don’t even sense the time passing, I just “am” and my movements become a part of me.”

– ( English Slang – Letter F )  –



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