Letter E – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(to be) Cutting-Edge – This is an idiomatic adjectival slang phrasal which is usually used to describe things like some piece of technology or a process.  It describes something that is not only new, but is a great advancement on previously know products, or processes…  “When the on-line book-seller Amazon.com released it’s Kindle ebook, it’s “e-ink” technology was cutting edge as it did not utilize any light and provided an almost book-like experience on an electrical device.”

(a) Lame-Excuse – This is a slang term for an excuse that is really really bad.  In other words, is was so poorly though up, and delivered that it is obviously a lie or just plain stupid…   Read the Full Post Here

Shut-Eye – This is an idiomatic, phrasal-noun, slang term which is not used very much in modern times, but may be common among certain families, sub-cultures or areas, and means simply:  “Sleep” (in the noun form of course.)…  “I’m really exhausted from having to explain why almost none of the idioms in the English language make any sense.  I think I’ll go get some shut-eye.”  –  (Notice  also that the verb phrase we use it “get some”.  In a negative sentence we would use “get enough”…  “I didn’t get enough shut-eye last night.” – and in the question form we can use either.)

–  ( English Slang – Letter E )  –

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