Letter D – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(to) Diarize (something) – Though I think that this word is a little silly, I am a big supporter one having the ability to take any word in The Common Tongue and add either a prefix or suffix to it in order to create a new word which best suits what one needs to express.  For this word, the noun “Diary” (a record of one’s thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc.) is being turned into a verb by adding the suffix “-ize” which means:  to do the action of; to create the effect of.  So to *diarize* something is keep a record of it.  –   Read the Full Post Here

(to) Digest (some information) – Literally, “to Digest” is the process that happens in a body when one eats something.  The body then breaks down the food into its elemental components and distributes the necessary elements throughout the system to the places where they are most needed, stores what it will need for future processes, and then rejects the rest as waste…  So, as a slang verb, referring to the intake of information, it is used to mean that a person needs to contemplate the information, “break it down” into useful components to best comprehend it, and with the power of intellect (the mental digestive system) determine if and how it will be beneficial, and what, if any, it should accept and what, if any, it should reject as waste.

(to be) Dreamy – This is a slang term which can be used in a few different ways.  To describe a movie, book, song, piece of art, etc. – it means that the thing it is describing has an ethereal quality to like when one is in a dream.  To describe a person – If it is a young girl saying this about a handsome boy or man, and she seems like she is going to melt when she says this, it means that he is really good-looking and she is powerless to his will. – If it is said by and about anyone else and the person is not acting like a silly young girl, it probably means that the person is an imaginative person who is often “In His/Her Own World.”

(to be) Drowning In (something) – Literally speaking, to be “drowning” or to have “drowned” means to be be killed by suffocation from water (for example:  when a person who can’t swim falls off a boat.)  However, figuratively speaking this is an adjectival phrase which means to be so overwhelmed by something that one is not able to function properly…  “With so many people being laid-off at work, I’m completely *drowning in* extra work that shouldn’t even be my responsibility!”

–  ( English Slang – Letter D )  –

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