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A Glossary of English Slang

This is a big subject to tackle so I’m not even going to pretend that this is, or ever will be a complete list.  Given the nature of Slang, and the fact that is it always changing and expanding (due mostly to music and movies) not even Google could ever have a complete list [Challenge!]  However – as with all the lists on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – there is a need and so I will do my part to fill it.

However!!!…  I absolutely will NOT attempt to explain or promote any Slang related to the *modern, so-called, “hip-hop” culture or anything coming out of modern-day Hollywood, MTV or anything with the pop culture of today’s youth…  I believe that 99.9% of it is absolute crap and is destroying the language and there-fore intrinsically goes against exactly what this website and all of my work stands for.

I WILL however be dealing with commonly excepted Slang which has “stood the test of time”, has lasted for at least two generations, and is used in modern-life in both casual and formal circumstances.

All terms are organized alphabetically by the term rather than by subject

(click some shit, bitch)


[plain]*(It is completely understood that the majority of slang comes from the hip-hop culture, and before that, funk, and before that jazz, etc., the keyword I wrote above is “modern” – the shit that people call hip-hop nowadays is garbage and does not deserve the distinction of being part of this list, for one main reason… it’s just not “cool”…  and besides, I also said that the lingo’s gotta “been down” for at least two generations…  (read the fine print.)[/plain]


P.S. l’il wayne (who can’t even spell his own name correctly and doesn’t deserve to be capitalized) ain’t got shit on The Beastie Boys

…..mmmmmmm DRRAAAHP!!! 

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