Sayings – Letter E

–  Sayings – Letter E  –

A collection of common and not-so-common Sayings starting with the Letter “E”  –  Organized by SubjectObject, or however it logically makes sense. 😉


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” This Idiomatic Saying can also be classified as an Aphorism, an Interjection, and a Proverb, to express that…  every “bad” or un-pleasant situation has an aspect of something beneficial or advantageous.  This phrase is usually used to describe a situation which is happening or has already happened – or as a reminder to someone who is experiencing (or is about to experience) an un-pleasant situation – so that the person can perceive the circumstances with a more optimistic attitude.  –   Read the Full Post Here

(one’s) Eyes Are Bigger Than (one’s) Stomach – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase which is used to describe the situation wherein a person is presented with (usually) a large selection of food, or is just very hungry and ends up taking a LOT more than he or she is able to eat; and usually ends up eating more than he or she should have…  “My goodness, I never should have taken that third trip to the buffet.  My eyes were way bigger than my stomach.  I feel like I’m going to explode!”

(someone’s comments or behavior) Raised A Few Eyebrows – This is an adjectival phrase which is used to describe the result of the actions or words of another when met with disapproval.  This phrase comes from the expression on some peoples’ faces when they see or hear something that they think is questionable or just plain weird…  “Although many people laughed at the best man’s speech, a lot of the older guests did not appreciate his language or the inside jokes and his comments about the bride raised a few eyebrows.”  –

–  ( Sayings – Letter E )  –


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