–  Prepositional Phrases – Ahead  –

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]n Alphabetical list of English Prepositional Phrases using the word “Ahead”  –  If you do not see the Phrase that you are looking for, please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to add it for you at my earliest convenience.


(to be) Ahead Of Schedule – This is an idiomatic prepositional phrase which is used to describe when one has a deadline for a project and/or there is a schedule of how “far” a person or group should be on some work, and the person or group is past that point already…  “Since we created a contingency plan for if the company’s website experienced any problems like it has in the past, we were able to switch to a Plan-B when their site went down (yet again!) and now we are actually *ahead of schedule*!!!  That’s because we are awesome! 😉 ”  –  (See Also:  “Behind Schedule”)

Ahead Of Time – This prepositional phrase is a time-phrase which describes something happening or (sometimes) state of being that exists before it is expected.  It can be thought of as a shortened version of the longer phrase, “Ahead Of (in front of; before) the Time that it (whatever “it” is) was expected …  “Since we are going to be so busy at the end of the month, we are getting as much work done *ahead of time*, so that we don’t “get behind” later on.”  –  (See Also:  “Get Behind”)

  • (to be) One Step Ahead – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which is often used in business or any areas involving strategy and competition – meaning:  To always be just a little bit ahead of the competitors or those who are working against the other…

“It was through theft, lying, manipulation, and murder, that Thomas Edison was able to stay one step ahead of those who were the real inventors – taking credit for other, greater men’s work. “

–  (Prepositional Phrases – Ahead)  –


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