Phrasal-Verbs (Without Prepositions)

– Phrasal-Verbs & Verb Phrases –

Click on the letter below to find an alphabetical list of Phrasal-Verbs (without Prepositions) for each letter (organized alphabetically by the Verb in each Phrase.  (See description below.)


A .

B .

C .

D .

E .

F .

G . 

H .

I .

J .

K .

L .

M . 

N .

O .

P .

Q .

R .

S .

T .

U .

V .

W .

X .

Y .

Z .

[info]The Verb Phrases and Phrasal-Verbs on each page are organized alphabetically by the Verb in the Phrase (not by the Adjective, Adverb, Noun, or Preposition.)  For example, with the Phrase:  “(to) Let Go…”  …the Verb in this Phrase is “Let”  So you will search for this phrase under Letter “L”.[/info]


[info]It might happen that one accidentally searches under the letter “G” for “Go”.  In this cases, you will find a link to the correct page.[/info]



 – ( Phrasal-Verbs ) –


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