Phrasal-Verbs – Letter J (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Verbs – Letter J  –


(to) Jump On The (_____) Band-Wagon – This is an idiomatic phrase which means to join some group, activity, ideology, etc. which many other people have also joined, and is used to express that doing so is in some way a form of conforming to the actions and belief structure of that group, ideology, etc….  “All that Hillary needs to do is keep being herself and I’m sure that anyone with half a brain would jump on the “Anti-Hillary” band-wagon.  But unfortunately, the average American voter usually does not use their brain very well.” –  (Also note that it is not necessary to use a noun or noun-phrase in the middle of the phrase as long as which “band-wagon” one is referring to is clear.)

(to) Jump Through Hoops – This is an idiomatic verb phrase that is used to describe having to do things (bureaucratic things, requirements, responsibilities, etc.) that are not enjoyable, but are somehow required in order to achieve, attain or obtain something that IS desired…  “I had to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get my residency when I moved to a different country.”

(to) Jump To Conclusions – This is an idiomatic verb phrase which means:  To make a decision about something (usually motivated by emotions) without having all of the information about the situation…  “Every time I come home late, smelling like alcohol, with blood on my shirt, and my wife always *jumps to the conclusion* that I’ve gotten into some sort of trouble.  I don’t know where she gets these silly ideas.”

–  ( Phrasal-VerbsLetter J )  –

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