Phrasal-Nouns – Letter T

–  Phrasal-Nouns – Letter T  –


  • (a) Blind Taste-Test – This is kind of test that was made popular by soda drink companies in the 1970s, to compare products without the test-subject (the person doing the tasting) knowing which product was which.  In that way, it was thought that the test would not be influenced by prior judgments or preference about the products themselves, but be based on taste alone…  “In a *blind taste test* it was found that more people prefer the taste of a big juicy steak to that of a dry piece of moldy bread…  Amazing!” 😀

  • Business-Transparency – This term is a common business catch-phrase used to describe a way of practicing business, such that all business practices and intentions are disclosed openly to the public.  This is done with the motivation to “prove” the morality and legality of the business’ practice, but is often more of a focus for company’s whose practices actually are (or were) NOT moral or legal.  “After the Enron scandal, *business transparency* has become more and more important to not only the public, but also to the people running the companies.”

  • (a) Flat Tire – This is a phrasal noun which describes what you have when all the air goes out of the tire on your car (or bike).  Either by driving over some glass or other sharp object or by hitting something very hard, etc….  “I got a *flat tire*, but luckily, I had all the tools I needed to fix it.”

  • Free-Time – This phrasal noun is referring to any time that a person is not in school, at work, or having to attend to some other obligation.  This is time “for one’s self”…  “In my *free-time*, I basically just read, take naps, and do anything that does not have to do with teaching English.”

  • (a) Half-Truth – This is a term to describe some piece f information which contains truth, but also contains information which is not true…  “Virtually all of the conspiracy theory films that are on YouTube are filled with *half-truths*.”

  • Layman’s-Terms – This is a term which is used for when it is needed to describe something in a way that eliminates the terminology of a specific professional field, in order that a person, not in that field, may understand it…  “Though the movie talks about many theories of Quantum Physics, it does it in *layman’s terms* so that it is quite easy to follow.”

  • Quiet-Time – This term is a phrasal noun which is used to describe some time away from the things that may cause a person stress, e.g. work, school, family, kids, other people, etc….  “I’ve had such a stressful week, I just need to turn off my phone and the computer and enjoy some *quiet time* by myself.”

  • (a) Spare-Tire – This is the name for the extra tire that one carries with them in their vehicle, in case one of the tires goes flat.  It can also be a phrasal noun used to describe the person in a situation wherein there is one too many people in the specific situation (like joining someone on a date.)…  “When I went out with Jack and his Wife to dinner, I really felt like a *Spare Tire*.”

  • (a) Sure-Thing – This is an idiomatic phrasal noun which is used in business to refer to some sort of investment which is almost (though not proven to be) guaranteed; to be successful and/or profitable.  Outside of business, it can refer to anything (situation) which is almost guaranteed to be the way in which the person using this phrase is saying it will be.  In a very immature and sexist way, it is a term to describe a woman who is guaranteed to have sex with someone.

  • (a) Sweet-Tooth – This is the phrasal noun we use to say that someone REALLY loves sugary and sweet things…  “Jack can stop eating chocolate.  Has a real *sweet tooth*.”

  • (a) Tid-Bit – This is a Slang Noun-Phrase which is used to refer to either a tasty morsel (small bite of…) of delicious food; a piece of gossip or information.  It is also an industry term relating to bits of information.  But it’s most common usage in the “modern” day (and it’s usage on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!) is as a piece of information.  the word “Tid” is an archaic term which was used to refer to something “nice” – and a “bit” is something “small”.  So…

“On the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Blog, the “Tid-Bits” category is for small bits of lexical information, which is presented in a humorous and useful (“nice”) way.  These bits of information could be any of the words, phrases, terms, etc. that can be found on the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Lexis Portal.”

–  (Phrasal-NounsLetter T)  –

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