Phrasal-Nouns – Letter L

–  Phrasal-Nouns – Letter L  –


(a) Long Line Of… – This is a phrase that is used when many people in the same family or group do the same thing (usually a profession.) – “I come from a long line of visionary thinkers.  My father was an artist, his father was a philosopher, and his father before him was an artist, a philosopher and an inventor…  and I’m what many people call, “a little bit crazy” 😀 ”

(a) Bad Line [phone] – This is a phrasal noun to describe when the connection between phones is of really poor quality…  “Every time I call Brazil, I seem to get a really *bad line* because I can’t hear anything that the other person is saying.”

Daily-Life – This is a compound phrasal noun which is used to describe the typical; normal day that we experience most of the time with nothing special to note…  “In my *daily-life*, I try to make sure that I ride at least three dragons, play “hide-and-seek” with the gnomes in the garden at least once, and make sure to visit my grandmother who lives in a house that is made purely out of ginger-bread and candies.  Just the typical boring stuff…  nothing special.”  😀

(the) Last Straw – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “S”, for “Straw”

Layman’s Terms – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “T”, for “Terms”

Leader in (the) Industry – a phrase used to describe a person, company, organization that is first, or one of the first to do something, or to be the best, or one of the best at doing something new…  “Most people consider Apple computers to be the *leaders in the industry* of computers, but I think that it is truly the people who are making open-source applications for everyone, that are the true leaders.”

Line Of Credit – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “C”, for “Credit”

(a) (Whole) Pack Of Lies – this is a phrasal noun that is used to describe a situation wherein someone is telling a story that is made up of many different lies put together…  “He told me *a whole pack of lies* about having a degree from Harvard but it turns out he hasn’t even attended University.”

(a) White Lie – This is the term for a lie that is considered to be harmless, or is used to protect someone…  Telling a young child that Santa Claus DOES exist, is a *white lie*.

–  ( Phrasal-NounsLetter L )  –

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