Phrasal-Nouns – Letter C

–  Phrasal-Nouns – Letter C  –


(a) Clearance Sale – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “S”, for “Sale” 

Cold-Calling – In the gerund form, this is a phrasal noun which is used to describe the act of calling people (for the sake of business marketing) when the person being called is not known to the one making the call.  Basically it is an un-invited phone call…  “*Cold-Calling* is the reason why most do not like tele-marketers.  Who wants to be interrupted in their home by someone they don’t know about buying something that they don’t need?”

(a) Collector’s Item – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “I”, for “Item”

(a) Control Freak – See:  Phrasal Noun – Letter “F”, for “Freak”

Corporate Culture – This is a business slang term which is used to refer to the language, behavior, ideologies, and norms that are used and expected within the corporate “world” or within a specific culture.

(one’s) Current Favorite – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “F”, for “Favorite”

  • Intellectual Capital – This is an Idiomatic Phrasal-Noun which refers to the worth of a company which goes beyond the actual assets of the company.  If the company only has assets worth $1 million, but is worth $5 million (due to various other reasons beyond it’s assets) then it’s intellectual capital is $4 million.  Companies like Facebook are made up almost entirely of intellectual capital.

(a) Line Of Credit – Usually in English, we shorten phrases like this by getting rid of the word “of” and reversing the order of the words (Credit Line) but interestingly, not with this phrase.  When you shorten it this way it sounds like a phone number that you can call to either get credit or to talk about your credit – “The bank offered me a $10,000.00 *Line of Credit*!”  –  “The lady at the bank said that they couldn’t give me a loan and suggested that I call their *Credit Line* to work out a plan to improve my score.”

(an) Only Child – This is a phrasal noun which is used to describe a person who does not have any brothers or sisters.  He or she is the *only child* that his or her parents ever had.

(a) Reality Check – This is an idiomatic slang term which is used to describe some thing which causes or is meant to cause one to survey his or her situation for the purpose of re-instilling one’s rational thinking.  This term is most often used as a way of telling someone that they are being a bit ridiculous…  “I think you need a *reality check*.  There is no way that your boss is going to let you take a year off of work for the sake of ‘finding yourself’.  People in the real world don’t care about that kind of stuff.”

(a) Smear Campaign – This is a phrasal noun which is used to describe when a group (usually a business or political organization) works to “Smear” the name of their competitor.  In other words, to make the other person look bad by using propaganda…  “Politicians are experts at utilizing *smear campaigns* to achieve the needed mindset of their prospective voters.”

(a) Steep Climb – This is an adjective phrase which is used to describe some sort of incline (like a hill or mountain) which is the opposite of gradual…  In other words:  If you can easily ride your bike up it, it is probably not very *steep*.  If you need to use your hands to help you to climb up, then it is definitely a *steep climb*.

(the) Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “S”, for “Straw”

(a) Tough Cookie – This is an idiomatic phrasal noun which is (almost always) used to describe a woman (it would be a bit strange for someone to use this phrase for a man.)  And, using this phrase to describe a woman is kind of like calling her a bitch, only not nearly as derogatory – and is used for someone who the person using the phrase either likes, or at least respects, but that person is: tough, demanding, strict, exact, and is often not a very gentle person…  People who are described as *a tough cookie* or “*one tough cookie*” are usually proud of it.

–  ( Phrasal-NounsLetter C )  –

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