Phrasal-Nouns – Letter L (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Nouns – Letter L  –


(a) Light At The End Of The Tunnel – This is an idiomatic noun phrase which can be used to describe the end of a situation which is difficult/troubling/challenging/etc..  This “end”, however, is not quite reached yet, but is coming in the near future…  “I have so much work to do and it is not getting any easier, but I just hired someone to help me, so at least there is a the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Left-Overs – This idiomatic phrasal noun is also a slang term for the food that is not eaten and then saved for the next day…  “We’ve got too much food in the refrigerator to go out to a restaurant tonight.  We’re going to have *left-overs* for at least the next three days.”

–  ( Phrasal-NounsLetter L )  –

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