Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter W

–  Adjectival Phrases – Letter W  –


Alive And Well – See:  Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “A” for “Alive”

  • I Will Never Forget It – This is an Adjectival Interjection which is used to express – about something which was spoken about – to say that it was such a memorable event of experience, that one will (as the phrase clearly states) “will never forget it”.

(to be) Like Oil and Water – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase, which (similar to it’s British Cousin “Like Chalk and Cheese“) is used to describe two things which don’t go together, however, in it’s usage, it seems to be a bit more severe than “chalk and cheese” which can also be for just a strange combination.  This phrase, however, is used primarily to describe things which REALLY do not go well together…  “Putting Claude and Matt in the same band together was a really bad idea.  Those two are like oil and water, and it’s pretty obvious when they get on stage that they despise each other.”

(to be) Weird and Wonderful – This is a phrasal adjective to describe something that, though a little different, strange, or out of the ordinary, is “wonderful”…  “Welcome to the *weird and wonderful* world of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!  Where learning English can actually be FUN!!!”

Well-Done [food] – This is a phrasal adjective which also acts as an adverbial phrase that is used to describe the way a piece of meat is cooked or how someone would like it to be cooked.  If it is *well-done* then there is absolutely no red (uncooked) part in the middle but it is cooked all the way through…  “Many chefs get upset when a person orders a high-quality piece of beef and orders it *well-done* because they think it is a waste of the meat.  But if that’s the way the customer wants it, then they should cook it that way without complaining about it.”

(to be) Wishy-Washy – This is an idiomatic phrasal adjective that describes the state when one can not seem to make up his or her mind about some matter, or that the person does not take a stand on a certain matter.  This is usually done because the person lacks a certain the strength of character…  “Our manager is so *wishy-washy*!  I really can’t understand how we are supposed to get anything done here when he can’t even make a single decision on his own.”  –  (See Also:  “Make Up (one’s) Mind”, “Take A Stand”, and “Strength Of Character”)


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter W )  –


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