Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter S

–  Adjectival Phrases – Letter S  –


(one’s) Eyes Are Bigger Than (one’s) Stomach – See:  Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “E”, for “Eyes”

(to be) Intellectually Stimulating – This is an adjectival phrase to describe something (a book, a movie, a lecture, etc.) which, though maybe not exciting or “entertaining” in the “traditional” manner, is interesting in a way which causes one to think.  It “stimulates” (calls into action) one’s “Intellect” (the functions of speculation and comprehension.)…  Though not all of them are interesting to me, I find many of the TED talks to be quite *intellectually stimulating*.”

(to be) Scared Stiff – This is an idiomatic phrasal verb which is used to describe when someone becomes so scared that he or she cannot move or function, usually because fear takes over their thought process and they become confused and do not know what’s going on.  The word “Stiff” is an adjective which means: not easily bent or changed in shape; rigid.  –  (See also:  (to be) Frozen With Fear.)

(to) See (one’s) Share Of (something) – This idiomatic adjectival phrase is cleverly disguised as a verb phrase, however it is almost always used in the past tense to describe the state of being of some person.  The verb “see” is being used to mean “experience”, and one’s “share” of something is referring to one’s portion (as if each person is, by destiny, allotted a certain amount of each kind of experience.)…  So if we say that someone has, “*seen his share of hard-times*” that is used to mean, that that person has experienced a great deal of hard times in his or her life.

(to be) Shifty – This is a slang adjective to describe someone who never seems to take a “side” on any issue.  Someone who never wants to be on “the losing team” and because of that, is usually not an honest person and will constantly lie and cheat in order to get what he or she believes is the best out of the situation for him or herself…  Like most politicians…   “Hillary Clinton is, by far, the most despicable and *shifty* person to ever walk the halls of the White House.”

(a) Steep Climb – See: Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “C”, for “Climb”


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter S )  –


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