Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter O

–  Adjectival Phrases – Letter O  –


(to be) Detail Oriented – See: Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “D”, for “Detail”

(to be) Full of Anger –  See:  Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “A”, for “Anger”

  • (to) Have The Makings Of (something) – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which is used to describe a person who has the proper qualities and skills necessary to become something or to fulfill the duties of some position.  The word “makings” is an example of creatively turning a verb into a noun as a way of saying that the person has the necessary qualities, skills, attributes, etc. in order to “Make” a good (whatever)…

“He has the makings of someday becoming a great leader.  He is courageous, determined, idealistic yet rational, and frankly people just like him.  It also doesn’t hurt that his parents are very wealthy.”

Translation:  “He has everything necessary to become a leader without really having to work hard to achieve that status.”  –   Read Full Post Here

(to be) Like Oil and Water – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase, which (similar to it’s British Cousin “Like Chalk and Cheese“) is used to describe two things which don’t go together, however, in it’s usage, it seems to be a bit more severe than “chalk and cheese” which can also be for just a strange combination.  This phrase, however, is used primarily to describe things which REALLY do not go well together…  “Putting Claude and Matt in the same band together was a really bad idea.  Those two are like oil and water, and it’s pretty obvious when they get on stage that they despise each other.”

  • (to be) OpenMinded – This is an Idiomatic Phrasal Adjectives that is used to describe a person (or group) who is “open” to (willing to consider and accept) new ideas, different things or concepts, even if those things or concepts are unfamiliar to him or her, or that it means he or she may have to change his or her mind or say that he or she is/was wrong about something.  In other words, a mature person who shows a certain depth of wisdom.


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter O )  –


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