Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter I (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Adjectival Phrases – Letter I  –


  • (to be) Born With A Silver Spoon In (one’s) Mouth – This is an IdiomaticPrepositional & Adjectival Phrasal Verb which is used to express that a person was born into a family and a life of wealth and privilege and has probably never had to work or experience any hardship in his or her life.  It is usually said as a derogatory remark against that person out of jealousy and resentment…

“Most people would agree that Gwyneth Paltrow was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and that is why people resent almost all of the ridiculous things that she says to the media.”

  • (to be) In The Limelight – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which is used to refer to the world of show-business.  If an actor, actress, singer, musician, politician, reality star, attention-whore, is being talked about, is on lots of talk-shows, making lots of movies or… whatever – we can say that they are “in the limelight”.  The term comes from the fact that, in past, there were lights that were used in Theater and dance-halls that used lime calcium as an ingredient to create very bright light.  These lights were called “lime lights”…  thus the term.

  • (to be) In The Loop – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which means:  “To be kept informed about, or to have special access to, specific and important and/or exclusive information.”…

“If a reporter wants to be successful in his or her career, he or she needs to be in loop about things happening in the areas that they are reporting about.  This gives them an advantage over their competitors and colleagues.”  –  (See Also:  “(to) Keep (someone) In The Loop (about something)

  • (to be) Stand-Off-Ish – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase.  Any time a word has the “-ish” suffix, it means that it (partially/kind of…) has the quality of whatever adjective or noun it is attached to.  So to say that someone is “Stand-Off-Ish”, is to describe that person as being:  shy, timid, or just not wanting to socialize, or be “close” to/with other people or a particular group (in all, or certain, situations)…

“As he normally did not find himself in social situations with such despicable people, he was quite stand-off-ish, not wanting to corrupt himself with their loathsome presence.”


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter I )  –


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