Lexical Terms – Letter A

–  Lexical Terms – Letter A  –

An alphabetical List of Lexical Terms and Lexical Terminology (same thing, really.  Okay, well…  pretty close anyways) 😉



Abbreviation – (See:  “Grammatical Terms” – Letter A)  – Read The Full Post Here

Absolute Phrase – (See:  “Grammatical Terms” – Letter A) –  Read The Full Post Here

Abstract Noun – (See:  “Grammatical Terms” – Letter A) –  Read The Full Post Here

Adjective – (See:  “Grammatical Terms” – Letter A) –  Read The Full Post Here

Adjectival Noun – (See:  “Grammatical Terms” – Letter A) –

Aphorism – An Aphorism is (as it says on the “Aphorisms” page) a short phrase, often referred to as a “Saying”, which is used to convey some sort of wisdom or advice.  Such as:

“…You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, You don’t spit into the wind, You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, And you don’t mess around with Jim…” – Read more: http://artists.letssingit.com/jim-croce-lyrics-you-dont-mess-around-with-jim-zdw3p2q#ixzz3ee8UNaYl

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