Idioms – Letter V

–  Idioms – Letter V  –


  • (to) Lose (One’s) Voice – This is an Idiomatic Phrasal-Verb which is used to describe when a person – through sickness or from screaming, or singing too much and/or too loudly – “Loses” the ability to speak in One’s normal “Voice”, but can only speak in a hoarse whisper, or a painful “scratchy” voice.

  • (to be) On The Verge Of (something) – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which means:  To be right on the edge of, and very close to something; it can be both literal of figurative…  To be right on the verge of the finish-line means:

“right at the very end of the race, and about to cross the finish-line”.

…To be right on the verge of finishing a project means that:

“the project is almost completed”.

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