What Is Lexis?

Lexis – What is it anyway?

Seriously…  What the hell is Lexis?!?!  I thought a Lexis was an expensive car!  Now you’re telling me that it’s, actually, yet ANOTHER thing that I have to learn about English?!?!

“Of Course Not!”

Well, not really…  In fact, you actually started learning Lexis even before you started to learn grammar.  But for some reason, all of your previous teachers decided not to tell you about Lexis (probably because they were all assholes!)

Allow Me To Explain…

[he says as the people roll their eyes and think, “What the hell is this guy on?!?!” – “He must be some kind of a quack!”]

Let’s see what good ‘ole Wikipedia tells us about Lexis.  They say that it’s:

“…the total word-stock or lexicon having items of lexical, rather than grammatical, meaning.”

And, So What Does That Mean?

Simply put – Lexis is EVERYTHING else that is NOT grammar.  Such As… (in alphabetical order):


…And a bunch of other things which actually fall into the categories listed above.  Such as:  Axioms, Adages, Proverbs, Figures of Speech, Maxims, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

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