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The way that Lexis is taught in schools and text-books…  Well it isn’t really taught.  But in all the lessons that I have seen… it is mostly wrong, but always of very poor quality.  Almost every word or phrase has a Metaphorical meaning, but either the teachers don’t know it, or they think that it isn’t worth teaching you…  So then their explanations don’t explain much of anything.


I’ll let you in on a little secret…  In the world of ESL — teachers actually talk with each other about how they PURPOSELY do NOT teach certain things because it is either “too hard” for them to demonstrate or explain it — or because they think that YOU — the student — will not be able to “get it”.  Clearly they do not have a lot of faith in your level of intelligence.  I have a LOT more respect for you.  😉

I was actually “yelled at” and berated in a LinkedIn group, for pointing-out a number of teachers’ hypocrisy & shallowness for openly discussing such things as if they were completely normal.  And then I was told that I was being inappropriate for criticizing them for their incredible disrespect to their students.  “I Am on YOUR side”.  😎

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Unfortunately — in the “Traditional” English-teaching world — it is usually the teacher who does not know the actual meaning of common words & phrases.  They learn the meaning from Parents, Friends, TV, Music, & Movies.  But they mis-interpret Usage for Meaning…  And there is a very big difference between Meaning & Usage.  You will have a much different experience here.  😎

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