Letter S – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(a) Scapegoat – This is a term which comes from the ancient Hebrew tradition of sacrificing a goat to “The Lord” and another to the God (or some say “Demon”) “Azazel”.  The goat sacrificed to Azazel was supposed to carry the sins of all the people so they wouldn’t have to actually make themselves into better people by learning their lessons.  Instead, they could put all of their sins onto this poor innocent goat and then kill it…  (these are the “chosen” people you know.) In this way they could go on being horrible people without having to feel bad or make any changes in their lives because they had e-SCAPE-d the responsibility for their actions.  This practice was the inspiration for later murdering Jesus.

(to be) Screwed – (adj.) This is a slang term to say that someone is in a bad situation and usually can not do anything about it.  This probably comes from the fact that “To Screw” is also a slang term for having sex.  So to be screwed is making reference more (though rather morbidly) to being raped.  As when this happens it is against the person’s will, they are usually powerless to stop it, and the act itself takes away the person’s dignity and power…  Unfortunately, even though rape is by no means a funny thing or a thing that should be taken lightly, the phrase to be screwed is usually said as a form of “dark humor”.

(to be) Scruffy – (adj.) This is a slang adjective to describe someone (or his or her clothes) who is not very “well dressed” or who is not wearing very nice clothing.  This can also go so far as describing someone who is wearing clothes that are in very bad condition.  This is also sometimes used to describe someone who just doesn’t like to shave and/or comb his or her hair.

(to be) Second-Hand – (adj.)  This is an idiomatic phrasal adjective which is used to simply describe something as being owned by someone else previously…  “A lot of people feel uncomfortable about wearing second-hand clothing or using second-hand furniture; but as long as it is clean and in good condition, you can get some really nice things for a lot less money than you would pay if it is new.”

(to be) Sexy – (adj.)  This is an adjective which is usually used to describe a person as being sexually attractive, however, since the word has been used for so long, it can now be used to describe anything which a person thinks is very very cool, awesome, amazing, etc….  “…Some people like Apple, some people like Windows (I don’t know why), but as far as I’m concerned, Linux is bar far the sexiest operating system currently available…  That’s because I think that the freedom and the ability to make my own choices is as sexy as it gets.”

(to be) Shifty(adj.) This is a slang adjective to describe someone who never seems to take a “side” on any issue.  Someone who never wants to be on “the losing team” and because of that, is usually not an honest person and will constantly lie and cheat in order to get what he or she believes is the best out of the situation for him or herself…  Like most politicians…   “Hillary Clinton is, by far, the most despicable and shifty person to ever walk the halls of the White House.”

(a) Shopaholic – (n.) This is a slang term which is used to describe a person who is addicted to shopping.  The use of the pseudo-suffix “-aholic” is an example of (although mildly creative) rather unintelligent use of language, as it is taken from the word “Alcoholic” – used to refer to a person who is addicted to drinking alcohol.  However, the word alcoholic was originally used to describe a person’s physical condition rather than that person’s addiction.  The suffix “ic” added to the word “alcohol” describes:  “Having the condition and qualities of that thing.”  So a person who is “alcoholic” (not AN alcoholic) is a person who is saturated with, and suffering from the effects of alcohol.  Regardless, there have been quite enough people, throughout the years, who have heard and used this, and other similar terms (workaholic, chocoholic) so much, that now, “-aholic” is a colloquial (and widely accepted) suffix to mean: An Addiction.  (Also note: When this pseudo-suffix is added to another word, the first “o” usually changes to an “a”.  This is an example of how phonetics often change the spelling of words over time.)  –   Read the Full Post Here

(the) Shortlist – (n.) This is a slang term which is used to describe a list, usually of people, that represents the select list of candidates, out of a much larger initial list, to be chosen for something, like a job, however it can also be used for something like a list of suspects for a crime…  “After doing over 50 different interviews, we’ve finally come up with a shortlist of candidates for the new job.”

(a) Slacker – This is a slang term which probably comes from the infamous “Church Of The SubGenius“, which preaches the powers of “Slack” (To be lazy, do nothing, and expect everything to happen for you.)  Therefore a Slacker is a person who IS lazy, does nothing and expects everything to happen for them.  (See Also:  (to) Slack Off)

Soul-Searching – This is a slang term for the deep introspective life analysis that some people do when they are feeling a conflict between their life-style, identity, history, environment, and what they feel “inside”.  In other words, what they hold to be “true”, “sacred”, or just really really important.  This can also describe the process a person goes through when he or she first discovers, the “Truth”, the “Sacred” and that everything in their lives before was really NOT very important…  But unfortunately, this term has been completely over-used be the annoying and superficial “New-Agers”, and is now, nothing more than a petty cliche term which is almost as stupid and cheap as the existence that would cause one to do some serious Soul-Searching.  But what can you expect?…  Idiots ruin everything… ESPECIALLY the “Sacred.” 😉

(to be) Spineless – This term is used to describe people how do not have any courage, morals, or strength of character.  This is probably due to the fact that when a person is honest, confident and brave, that person will often have a straight spine, whereas people who are afraid, immoral, or are weak in character are often hunched over and curled inward.  This of course is not always true as some terrible people who are incredibly arrogant stand or sit very tall, but if one were to look closely, their spine isn’t actually straight as they are actually puffing out their chest meaning that they are actually curved backwards a bit…  It’s interesting to think about the figurative meaning of that. 😉

(to be) Stand-Off-Ish – (adj.) This is an idiomatic adjectival slang term.  Any time a word has the “-ish” suffix, it means that it has the quality of whatever adjective it is attached to.  So to say that someone is Stand-Off-Ish, it is used to describe someone who is either shy, timid, or just does not want to socialize with or be part of a particular group in a certain situation…  “As he normally did not find himself in social situations with such despicable people, he was quite stand-off-ish, not wanting to corrupt himself with their loathsome presence.”

(to be) Stellar – (adj.)  Literally, this term is referring to the stars in space.  But as a slang term it is used to mean: “really really great”.  This term is used much in the same way as the slang term “Awesome”…  “When I saw the Grateful Dead in Highgate Vermont for my 21st birthday, they gave a stellar performance, and Bobby even played an extra note just for me!”

(to be) Stuffy – (adj.)

1.  This is a slang adjective which is used to describe when a person has nasal congestion…  “My nose is really *stuffy* today.”

2.  This is a slang adjective that can be used to describe a space that either is or at least feels very small or closed-in with not a lot of fresh air.  This can happen to small spaces with not a lot of ventilation, or any size space that just has too many people in it.

–  ( English Slang – Letter S )  –

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