Letter R – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(a) Racket – (with the article “a”) refers to organized illegal (or at least dishonest) activities or schemes which are employed in order to cheat someone out of his or her money.  In the gerund form, this is also a legal term for doing the same (“racketeering”.)  Examples of this would be things like “selling protection”, laundering money, running a betting organization, etc….  “I don’t know how that guy is so successful in his business when he’s selling all the same things as every other gift-shop in town.  I think he’s running some sort of *racket*.”  –  (notice:  This term is usually used with the verb “running”.)

(a) Re-Run – This is a slang term to describe an episode of a TV show which is not the current episode but is one that has been play or “run” before…  Therefore if the particular episode is played again, it is a *Re-Run* (“re-” being a prefix which means to do again the verb which it is attached to.)

Rock-Bottom – See:  Slang – Letter “B”, for “Bottom”

(a) Runaway – This is a slang term which is used to describe a child (someone under “the age of minority”) who has “run away” (secretly left) from his or her home.

–  ( English Slang – Letter R )  –

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