Letter C – Glossary of English Slang

–  Glossary of English Slang  –


(to) Cement (something) – This an example of a noun that, in slang form, is being used as a verb.  As “cement” is another word for “concrete“, which when it dries becomes so solid and permanent, that to make any changes would mean having to destroy it – so then we use this word as a verb to mean, to make something (usually a new habit, new information, a new tradition, procedure, etc.) permanent…  “Repetition is important to cement new habits and make permanent changes in one’s life.”

Concrete – (adjective) As with the slang verb “cement” (as concrete and cement are often referring to the same thing) this word is usually used to refer to sort of verifiable information and is often used with the word “example”… “I refuse to blindly accept some piece of information that someone says to me unless I either already know it’s true or unless they can give me some concrete proof or a concrete example to illustrate what s/he is claiming.”

(a) Control Freak – See:  Slang – Letter “F”, for “Freak”

Corporate Culture – This is a business slang term which is used to refer to the language, behavior, ideologies, and norms that are used and expected within the corporate “world” or within a specific culture.

(to be) Crafty – This is a slang adjective which is (in one way) similar to the slang term “Handy” in that a person is good at building something, but this term is used more for someone who makes “artistic” things but which do not fall into the “traditional” role of “fine art” so are referred to as “Crafts” – However, this can also be used to describe a person as being very cunning and devious.  This is in reference to “Witch-Craft” and the now fading idea that it was “evil”.  But you still do not want to mess with that kind of *Crafty* person…  trust me >: D

(to be) Cutting Edge – See:  Slang – Letter “E”, for “Edge”

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