Sayings – Letter S

–  Sayings – Letter S  –

A collection of common and not-so-common Sayings starting with the Letter “S”  –  Organized by SubjectObject, or however it logically makes sense. 😉


  • “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” This Idiomatic Saying can also be classified as an Aphorism, an Interjection, and a Proverb, to express that…  every “bad” or un-pleasant situation has an aspect of something beneficial or advantageous.  This phrase is usually used to describe a situation which is happening or has already happened – or as a reminder to someone who is experiencing (or is about to experience) an un-pleasant situation – so that the person can perceive the circumstances with a more optimistic attitude.  –   Read the Full Post Here

  • Shape Up or Ship Out!  This an interjection that is used as a rebuke to someone whose behavior or actions have not been good or has been view as unacceptable.  It means:  to improve one’s behavior or sometimes attitude (“Shape Up”) – and that if the behavior or attitude in not changed then the person is fired, in trouble, or needs to leave (“…or Ship Out”)

“Take an opportunity while it is still available.”

…Because often-times, when people hesitate, the opportunity can be missed.  This phrase comes from the art of black-smithing (iron-working).  When the metal is red-hot then it is soft and easy to work with.  Once the metal cools, it hardens and is much more difficult to work with.  The word “strike” is verb which means:  To hit/pound/kick/etc..  So Idiomatically, if one “Strikes While The Iron Is Hot” then it will be much easier to take that opportunity…  but if one waits, the opportunity will be gone – just like the possibility to shape cold metal.  –  (Note Also: that the article “the” is not necessary, but is grammatically more proper.)

– ( Sayings – Letter S ) –


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