Sayings – Letter R

–  Sayings – Letter R  –

A collection of common and not-so-common Sayings starting with the Letter “R”  –  Organized by SubjectObject, or however it logically makes sense. 😉

“Act In Haste, Repent At Leisure” – This Saying can also be classified as an Aphorism, an Interjection, or a Proverb, which is used to mean that:  if one does something quickly and without caring about the quality or outcome (to act in haste), then he or she will feel very bad or entirely un-satisfied about it later (repent in leisure) and will most likely have to do “it” over.  –  (See Also:  Haste Makes Waste) –  Read the Full Post Here

“The Best Revenge Is Living Well” – This is a Saying, an Aphorism, and a Proverb which can also be used as an Interjection to express that one should not think about getting “revenge” against someone, but instead to “live well”  –  To find out more, read the whole blog post…   Read Full Post Here

“When It Rains It Pours” – This is a saying which is used to express that whenever something of a certain quality (either “good’ or “bad”) happens, there is a great tendency for many other things of the same or similar nature to also happen around the same time…  “I woke up this morning, it was a beautiful sunny day, I went to work and found out that most of the tasks that I thought I had to do were already done for me, then I got an email saying that I had just inherited a bunch of money.  After that I found out that my worst enemy died of a heart-attack and that his last words were, “Tell Claude, I was wrong and that I’m sorry.”  Then I came home and saw that there was a new episode of “Game of Thrones” right before my wife walked in with a big bottle of wine and a huge container of sushi!  Like they say, *when it rains it pours*!” 😀

–  ( Sayings – Letter R )  –


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