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–  Phrasal-Verbs & Verb Phrases – Letter W  –


(to) Look The Other Way – See:  Phrasal Verbs – Letter “L”, for “Look”

(to) Wager A Guess – This is an old phrase which comes from the world of gambling.  The word “wager” (as a verb) means “to place money on something (like a hand of cards or a horse in a race); (as a noun) it is the actual money that one bets.  So to wager a guess, would literally mean, to make a guess about something and to place money on the outcome that the one guessing is correct…  However, the way in which this phrase is most commonly used is simply to mean nothing more than “to guess”.  Therefore this phrase (when not spoken literally) is redundant and kind of stupid.

(to) Wait Until The Last Minute (to do something) – This is an idiomatic verb phrase which is used in an exaggerated way to describe a situation where-in a person waits until the last possible moment (or sometimes even past that) to do something.  This is almost always done out of laziness or lack of motivation, and in this case this phrase means the same thing as: to “procrastinate” – however, in some cases, to wait until the last minute to do something can be done for some strategic purpose as well.

(to) Wine And Dine (someone) – Since it is a very stereotypical idea that when a man would like to very much impress a woman on a date, he takes her to a fine-dining restaurant to “dine” on an expensive and delicious meal with a good glass or bottle of “wine”.  So to wine and dine someone can mean to literally do the above example or can be used idiomatically to mean that one is spending lots of money on the other and doing nice things for them in order to achieve some end…  Therefore, this phrase is also used in the business world for the things that people and businesses do with clients, investors, etc. when they really want that person’s money or investment of some sort.

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