Phrasal-Verbs – Letter M

–  Phrasal-Verbs & Verb Phrases – Letter M  –


  • (to) Maintain A Balance – This is a Phrasal-Verb used to describe doing whatever is necessary to keep a “balance” between two or more conditions, qualities, or things.  In order to do-so, there is often some kind of compromise made between individuals, groups, situations, etc….

“Although we would like to give the customers exactly what they want, sometimes their requests can be anything between a bit un-reasonable to down-right ridiculous!  So it is important to maintain a balance between giving the customer exactly what they want and staying true to our core business practices.”

(to) Make The Most Of (something) – This is an idiomatic verb phrase which is used to mean:  To get the most benefit out of some thing or some situation.  This is often used as advice to someone who has to do something that he or she may not be looking forward to…  “I really don’t like the idea of writing over 50 more reports next week, but I will make the most of it by using all the notes to create content on my website.”  😉

(to) Make Yourself Comfortable – This is a phrasal verb which means:  To do whatever one needs to be in a comfortable state or to relax.  This is also an expression that we say to someone when we want them to relax in a stressful, uncomfortable or unfamiliar environment…  “Thank you for coming.  The boss will be with you in a moment.  Please make yourself comfortable.  I will call you when it is your turn to be interviewed.”

(to) Meet (someone) Halfway – This is an idiomatic phrasal verb which is used to mean:  To agree to a compromise with someone.  It means, that both sides need to give up a little in order to come to an amicable agreement, because neither side is going to get everything that they wants.

(to) Mind (one’s) “P”s and “Q”s – This is an example of a phrase which has likely evolved over the decades (and decades) that it has been used, as there are many theories about it’s mean and origin.  However, the way that it is generally meant is to:  Make sure to be on the best of behavior.  Or more simply, don’t be rude.  However, for a more interesting and thorough look at the theories, check out the Wikipedia Page.

(to) Move Laterally (within a company/organization) – This is a phrasal verb which means to move to a different department in a company (usually for the sake of gaining experience) but without necessarily being promoted or moving “up” in the company (even though gaining more experience is thought to make one a more valuable asset to the company.

–  ( Phrasal VerbsLetter M )  –

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