Phrasal-Verbs – Letter J

–  Phrasal-Verbs & Verb Phrases – Letter J  –


(to) Become Jaded – See: Phrasal Verbs – Letter “B”, for “Become”

(to) Judge A Book By It’s Cover – This is a phrase which can, of course, be used literally, but is most often used idiomatically to mean:  to make a judgement about a situation by it’s “outward” appearances without getting more information about it…  “It is often said that one should not *judge a book by its cover*, but this advice is almost never heeded, as most judgments about people are based solely on appearance.”

(to) Jump The Gun – This is an idiomatic Phrasal Verb which comes from professional racing (swimming, running) from the time that it was traditional to use a gunshot to start the race.  If a person starts to soon (before the gunshot) the person is disqualified for a false start.  This happens because the person’s nervous tension causes them to be a bit “jumpy”…  So, to do something a bit earlier than it should have been done (usually causing a failure or unsatisfactory results) is to *jump the gun*.

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