Phrasal-Verbs – Letter H

–  Phrasal-Verbs & Verb Phrases – Letter H  –


(to) Have (a) Party – This is an idiomatic verb phrase which is really  meant to say:  “to host a party”…  “This weekend, we’re going to *have a party* to celebrate my winning the lottery!”

(to) Have (one’s) Say – This is an idiomatic verb phrase which turns the verb “say” into a noun, in order to mean that a person is given the opportunity to say what he or she thinks is important in a specific situation.  This just means that the person’s opinion (his or her “say”) will be treated as worthy of recognition or consideration in a situation wherein a decision needs to be made.  This phrase is often used as a preface to state someone’s opinion…  “If I *had my say*, I would make being a police officer an elected position, subject to regular reviews and constant public scrutiny.”

(something) Hits/Punches/Pushes All The Right Buttons – See:  Phrasal Adjectives – Letter “H” for “Hits”  -Or-  Letter “P” for “Punches/Pushes”

(to) Hold A Grudge – This is a phrasal verb which means, to choose to continue to be mad a someone and to not forgive them even though sufficient time has passed and the transgression of the other no longer matters or the person has changed, asked for forgiveness, or shown remorse, etc..  It is generally considered that the person who is choosing to hold the grudge is acting in an immature way…  “Though it hurts when someone betrays your trust, to *hold a grudge* does no good, because in most cases the other person has moved on and feels no pain so the persons *holding the grudge* is just hurting him or herself.”

–  ( Phrasal-VerbsLetter H )  –

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