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–  Prepositional Phrasal Verbs & Verb Phrases  –

Click on the letter below to find an alphabetical list of Prepositional Phrasal Verbs for each letter (organized alphabetically by the Verb in each phrase.  (See description below.)


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The verb phrases and phrasal verbs on each page are organized alphabetically by the verb in the phrase (not by the adjective, adverb, noun, or preposition.)  For example, if the verb phrase is…

“(to) Strike A Chord With (someone)…”

…the verb in this phrase is “Strike”.  So you will search for this phrase under Letter “S”.


It is understood that sometimes one might accidentally search under “C” for “Chord” or “W” for “With”.  In these cases, you will find a link to the correct page.  And, for any phrase that contains a preposition, you can also find the phrase in appropriate “Prepositional Phrases” page as well.  So for the phrase above, you could also find it under “Prepositional Phrases – With” in the menu above.

I hope that these pages will help you to understand what the hell people are talking about when they use Prepositional Phrasal Nouns in their speech.



– ( Prepositional Phrasal Verbs ) –


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