Phrasal Nouns – Letter W

–  Phrasal Nouns – Letter W  –


(a) Clock-Watcher  This is an phrasal verb which could literally describe someone who is constantly looking at the clock or at his/her watch because he/she wants nothing more to go home at the end of the day.  Idiomatically this is a phrase to describe someone who only does the bare minimum (or less)…  He/She will start finishing his/her work fifteen minutes before closing-time so that he/she does not have to spend one minute more at work than he/she needs to, and probably does nothing more than he/she is forced to do… calling someone a Clock-Watcher is definitely a derogatory term used mostly by managers and senior staff.

(a) Lone-Wolf  This is a term which is used to describe someone who is not only independent but who does not like to work with others, probably does not associate with many others and who is definitely mis-understood by others.  This is due to the fact that a Lone-Wolf lives by a much higher or at least distinctly different set of ideals and standards.  This of course causes others to treat the Lone-Wolf as someone “lesser” than them, when in fact, they should respect, and revere the Lone-Wolf as someone they should learn from.

(the) Real Word  This is an idiomatic slang term used by people who have completely suppressed their imaginations, have totally conformed to the slave-society, and lost all sense of hope for a better world; and is used to refer to the bull-shit world that most people live in, which says that having imaginary friends if just for kids, and that one needs to “grow up”, get a job, and fit into this fucking stupid society that most people have accepted as “normal”…  Fuck The “real world“!!!  “I’ll gladly take my imagination (I-MAGE-IN-ACTION) over this bull-shit any day!!!  😉

(a) Watering Hole – Originally this term probably referring to a small lake or pond at which a person could let their horse/donkey/cow/Unicorn/T-Rex/Pink Elephant/etc. get a drink before continuing on to see the Wizard of Oz…  However, in these “modern” times, when we no longer use horses for travel and most people can’t see Unicorns anymore, this term is used to refer to a bar…  A place to stop and have a drink…  nothing fancy…  just a place with liquor and beer.

(a) White Lie – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “L”, for “Lie”

–  ( Phrasal NounsLetter W )  –

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