Phrasal-Nouns – Letter A

–  Phrasal-Nouns & Noun Phrases – Letter A  –


All-Time Favorite – See:  Phrasal Nouns – Letter “F”, for “Favorite”

(an) Amateur Mistake – See: Phrasal Nouns – Letter “M”, for “Mistake”

(a) Bad Apple – This is an idiomatic phrasal-noun which is used to refer to a person who is thought of as being “bad” and has the ability to adversely influence others.  This phrase comes from the fact that if one is storing a large amount of apples in a barrel or bag, if there is one which is starting to rot (is “bad”) it will then spread that condition to the others around it, but if taken out early enough, the spread of it’s “bad”-ness will be stopped.  –  See Also:  (a) “Bad Seed”

  • “Business As Usual” – This is an Idiomatic Adjectival Phrasal-Noun that can be used in a lot of different ways, but it is usually used to describe how “bad” things seem to keep happening over and over again (usually in business and politics.)

“The president was practically worshiped for his “prophecy” of “Change that People Can Believe In…”, but as we can all see, it’s just business as usual.”

(a) Straight Answer – This is an answer that is not “twisted” or altered to sound a different way…  “I asked her where she was all night, and she couldn’t even give me a *straight answer*, but just kept saying that she was ‘with friends’.”

–  ( Phrasal-NounsLetter A )  –

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