Phrasal-Nouns – Letter G (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Nouns – Letter G  –


(a) Get-Up – This is an idiomatic phrasal noun which is used as a replacement for either the word “outfit” or “costume”.  As the word “costume”, in The Common Tongue, is referring to some sort of outfit that a person wears to look like an other person or can be some type of fantasy outfit to make a person look like an other thing all-together (as in a Halloween costume)…  However, this phrase can also be used to describe an outfit that a person wears, not to look like an other person or an other thing, but is simply a fancy, outrageous, or very unique set of clothing that makes the person look very different, usually in a very good / attractive way.

–  ( Phrasal-NounsLetter G )  –

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