Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter S

–  Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter S  –


“All Of A Sudden…” – This is an adverbial phrase of manner which means the same thing as the single adverb “suddenly”, and is used to describe when something unexpected or surprising happens very quickly or without warning…  “It started off as a very boring party and it seemed that people were getting ready to leave, but then, all of a sudden Claude walked in and immediately, the pathetic gathering turned into a full-on celebration!” 😀

  • Frankly Speaking – This is an Idiomatic Phrasal-Adverb which is used as a preface to a statement or as appositive of the same.  It is used to indicate that the person is going to (or just has) said something which he or she knows will probably not be very well-received by the person the statement is directed to, but that the speaker either does not care, or feels that it is necessary for what is being said to be said particularly in that way.

“I know that my views are not ‘politically correct’ but, Frankly Speaking, I don’t really care.  Social Justice Warriors, are absolute lunatics!”

“Generally Speaking…” – This is an adverbial phrase of manner which is used to mean:  Speaking, not in detail or specifics, but in a much broader spectrum about some subject.  However, just as the definition of most words and phrases are often different than the ways in which they are used, it is often used as a way of speaking in stereotypes…  “Generally speaking, I think that humans are horrible, shallow and disgusting creatures with very few redeemable attributes.  But on a case-by-case basis, there are a few out there who are worth saving.”


–  ( Phrasal-AdverbsLetter S )  –

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