Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter S (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter S  –


From Scratch – This is an idiomatic phrasal adverb which is used to describe how something is made.  If something is made from scratch, that means that each of it’s component parts are all made by the person who is making the whole…  For example:  If a person is making a pizza from scratch,  then this means that the person is not buying a pre-made pizza and heating it up.  Nor is that person buying a crust or a prepared box or packet of pizza crust preparation.  Instead the person is making the crust from it’s individual ingredients.  That person is also making the sauce from it’s ingredients instead of buying a jar of sauce.  Then the person puts all of the necessary elements together and bakes the pizza.

(to be) On The Back Side (of) – This Adverbial phrase is an adverb of placement and is used to talk about the position of something (usually a building, business, etc.)…  “The bookstore is on the back side of the shopping mall.”

(to be) On The Other Side Of The Block – See:  Phrasal Adverbs – Letter “B”, for “Block”  -Or-  Prepositional Phrases – “On”

–  ( Phrasal-AdverbsLetter S )  –

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