Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter H (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter H  –


(to be) On Hand – This is an idiomatic adverbial phrase manner which is used to say that (someone) has something either in their possession or readily (conveniently) available…  “We don’t have any of the items that you are looking for *on hand* at the moment, but we can order them and they will be here in two days.”

(to be) On The Horizon – This is an idiomatic adverbial phrase of time and manner.  It is used to describe some “thing” which will be happening or will arrive in the near future.  Usually the time is not exactly known but, as one can see something off in the distance (“on the horizon”) – it may be a long way off, but at least it can be seen, so it is known that it will arrive “sooner” than something which can still not be “seen” in the future…  Imagine being on the ocean.  One can usually see another ship *on the horizon* even though that ship may be hundreds of miles away, and may take days to actually reach it…  but it can be seen.

–  ( Phrasal-AdverbsLetter H )  –

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