Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter D (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter D  –


(to be/to do) Something Behind Closed Doors – This is an idiomatic adverbial phrase which is used to say that something happens or is done in secret.  The phrase is also (often) used to describe something which is either illegal or morally questionable to whoever is using the phrase…  “Behind closed doors, many of the world’s political leaders have been found to be severe drug addicts and sexual perverts with a long history of pedophilia and sado-masochistic behavior.”

(to be) Beyond (one’s) Wildest Dreams – This is an adverbial prepositional phrase which expresses that the outcome of a certain situation far exceeds the expectations of that situation.  It implies that the outcome came or has come as a huge surprise because of how wonderful it was to the person or people experiencing it…  “I knew that seeing Pearl Jam live in concert in 1992 was going to be awesome, but I didn’t know that it was going to be such a life defining moment.  It was *beyond my wildest dreams*.

(to be/do something) On (someone’s) Dime – This is an idiomatic adverbial phrase which means to be financially supported by another for a certain situation.  The word “dime” is the American 10¢ piece.  This is a phrase which would not usually be said in front of the person who is paying, but is (usually) used to express (almost in a mischievous way) that someone else (usually the company that the person works for) is paying for something (usually a business trip) so the person saying it, is expressing that he or she is willing to spend a bit more than they would if they themselves where paying…   “I have to travel quite a bit for business, but since it is *on the company’s dime* I always make sure to fly first-class, stay in the best hotels and I usually order either lobster or steak when I go out for dinner.  Oh and of course, there will be cognac afterward.”


–  ( Phrasal-AdverbsLetter D )  –

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