Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter B (With Prepositions)

–  Prepositional Phrasal-Adverbs – Letter B  –


(to talk) Behind (someone’s) Back – This is an adverbial phrase of manner which is used to describe when a person talks about someone to another without them knowing about it.  This phrase always refers to when that person is saying “bad” things about the other person for the purpose of getting that person in trouble or causing problems for him or her…  “If I find out that you have been talking about me behind my back there is going to be a serious problem between us!”

By Chance – See:  Phrasal Adverbs – Letter“C”, for “Chance”  -Or-  Prepositional Phrases – “By”

  • (to be) Off The Beaten Path – This Idiomatic Prepositional-Phrase can be either an Adverbial Phrase (to talk about how someone is doing something) or an Adjectival Phrase to describe some thing or process as being a bit different, or out of the ordinary.  This phrase comes from the days when we had more “paths” (or “trails”) than roads.  If the “path” is walked by many people, it will be “beaten” down.  If not it is probably not commonly used.  Therefore – Idiomatically – it is used to say that the place where one “is”, or the way that someone is doing something is not the common way…

“When we travel, we don’t like to be around a lot of other tourists.  We like to get off the beaten path and explore.  This is also how we run our company.  We try to be fresh and innovative and not do things just because that is how everyone else does it.  You could say that we like to get off the beaten path, whenever we do anything.”

On A Regular Basis – This is an adverbial phrase to describe something which happens or is done frequently and often on a set (regular) schedule…  “On a regular basis, I am faced with the inefficiencies and imperfections of the traditional and “standard” method of teaching the English language.”

–  ( Phrasal-AdverbsLetter B )  –

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