Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter V

–  Adjectival Phrases – Letter V  –


(to be) Commercially Viable – This is a phrasal adjective which is used to describe something that is either commercially “possible” or that it “makes sense” commercially or in a business sense…  “It was originally thought that extracting oil from the oil-soaked sands in the desert, was not *commercially viable*, because it was too expensive of a process.  But now, because of our addiction to oil and the incredibly high prices, the process has now been deemed to indeed be *commercially viable* in today’s market.”

(to be) Well-Versed – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrases which is used to describe someone who has a good amount of information/understanding/skill about or in something.  However, this term is usually used in negative sentences…  “Although I greatly enjoy classical music, I have to admit that I am not very *well-versed* in the composers or their specific pieces.”


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter V )  –


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