Phrasal-Adjectives – Letter N

–  Adjectival Phrases – Letter N  –


  • I Will Never Forget It – This is an Adjectival Interjection which is used to express – about something which was spoken about – to say that it was such a memorable event of experience, that one will (as the phrase clearly states) “will never forget it”.

  • (to be) Neither Here Nor There – This an Idiomatic Adjectival and Adverbial Phrase which is used when a person is speaking but makes reference to something which is not necessarily realted to the main point that the person is making – and it used as a way of getting back to the main point by saying:

“What I just said is not completely relevant to what I am endeavoring to express so I will get back to my main point.”

For example:  If a person where making some point about a lesson that he or she learned from his or her grandparent, but then while trying to make a point got sidetracked and started talking about the beautiful garden at the grandparents’ house (which had nothing to do with the main point) – he or she could then stop and say…

“…and it was such a lovely garden.  But that is neither here nor there.  The important thing that I learned was…”

  • (to be) Nerve-Wracking – At one point in human history “The Wrack” was a torture device used to inflict serious pain on people for whatever reason.  So to say that something is nerve-wracking is to say that it is immensely harsh and irritating; as if someone where putting one’s nerves on the wrack…  Things that are commonly *nerve-wracking* for many people:  People who don’t say, “please”, “thank you”, or “excuse me”.  Modern-day club music, Hillary Clinton speaking, and anything having to do with Justin Bieber, Kanye West, or the issue of racism. – (Also Note:  This term is often mis-spelled as, “nerve-racking”.  This does not make sense as “rack” is something completely different.)

  • (to be) Like Night And Day – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase which describes two things (usually people) which/who are almost exact opposites of each other (when describing people, it is usually referring to their personalities.)…  “Even though they are brothers and they have a lot of similarities, when it comes to their personalities and their views on life, those two *are like night and day*.”

  • (one’s) Nose Is Running – This is an idiomatic adjectival phrase to describe the condition of one having a “Runny Nose”.  In other words, the person is suffering from the condition that the nose is constantly producing thin watery mucous which is dripping or “running” out of the nose…  “When I was younger, I had many allergies and my *nose was* constantly *running*.  Luckily I conquered my allergies and no longer suffer from these problems.”  –  (Notice also that this phrase is separable.)

  • (to be) Top-Notch – One definition of “Notch” is: a point or degree on a scale of measurement.  So the phrasal adjective *Top-Notch* is used to describe something as being of very high quality…  “When we went to Tenerife, we received *top-notch* service everywhere we went.”


–  ( Phrasal-AdjectivesLetter N )  –


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