Lexical Terms – Letter I

–  Lexical Terms – Letter I  –

An alphabetical List of Lexical Terms and Lexical Terminology (same thing, really.  Okay, well…  pretty close anyways) 😉



Idiom – An idiom is one of the most ridiculous grammatical classifications of the traditional English structure.  This is because an idiom is ANY combination of words which, when put together, have a different meaning than the sum total of each individual word.  Therefore, literally ANY type of sentence, phrase, clause, or term can be an “Idiom”.  It is specifically for this reason, that this term is not used in The Common Tongue.  Instead, the word “Idiom” is only used adjectivally to indicate whether any other sentence, phrase, clause, etc. is “Idiomatic” or not.  –   Go To Library

Interjection – A word, phrase, or expression which is used to express a feeling, thought, opinion, etc. and is not meant to prompt further comment or discussion.  Many “commands” are also interjections.  –   Go To Library

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