Lexical Terms – Letter F

–  Lexical Terms – Letter F  –

An alphabetical List of Lexical Terms and Lexical Terminology (same thing, really.  Okay, well…  pretty close anyways) 😉



Figure Of Speech – A Figure Or Speech is very much the same as the pseudo lexical term Expression is literally anything that a person says.  That is why this term used to describe some:  aphorism, saying, phrase, etc. is a very “imperfect” term to use, as it is so imprecise.  But when someone says something that you may not have comprehended, and so you ask him or her what was said…  and then that person says…

“Oh, it’s just a Figure Of Speech.”

…What that person means, is…

“What I just said is a common saying/idiomatic phrase/aphorism/etc. and I did not exactly mean the words which came out of my mouth.”

And so now you can see why it is a silly term to use as a lexical term.

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