Proverbs – Letter P

–  Proverbs – Letter P  –

An alphabetical collection of common and not-so-common Proverbs.  Since many Proverbs (often-times referred to as, “Sayings”) have slightly different forms depending on who is saying them, they are organized by either the Noun or Verb in the sentence.  If you do not find the Proverb that you are looking for, try the search box.  If that doesn’t work, let me know in the comments below…  I’ll add it for you.



  • “Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail.” – This Proverb can also be classified as an Aphorism, an Interjection, and a Saying – and can be used as both advice and/or as a warning (as most aphorisms are) – by saying that if one “fails” to “prepare” for something (in other words, if does NOT prepare), then there is a very good chance that “failure” is exactly what the person will achieve…  Thus the action of NOT preparing actually IS preparing…  “to fail”.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – This common Proverb can also be classified as an Interjection, an Aphorism, and a Saying.  It is very often used as an Interjection when someone makes a mistake or does something “imperfectly”, and is said as a remind that person should not to be concerned about it; that he or she only needs to “practice” more and then “perfection” can/may be obtained.

“to do things in the proper order”

But, this phrase is less focused on the “foundational” elements of a process, and is used more to say something like:

“Do steps 1, 2, and 3, before moving on the step 4.”

This is indicated by the fact that one must “put the horse in front of the cart” before that one can expect to get the cart moving anywhere.    (See Also“Build The House From The Ground Up”)

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