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A Proverb (very similar to an Aphorism) is essentially a Saying which is used primarily to convey some bit of wisdom or advice, but where-as Aphorisms can be more abstract, Proverbs are usually quite specific.  They are always in relation to some specific subject of Life, are often repeated by many people over a number of years (which is why they are often referred to as “Sayings”) and they usually come in various forms, depending on where one (who is saying the Proverb) comes from or what social or cultural group it is being used in.

Click on the letter below to find an alphabetical list of Proverbs in English, for each letter (organized alphabetically by the either the main Noun or Verb in each Aphorism.


A .

B .

C .

D .

E .

F .

G . 

H .

I .

J .

K .

L .

M . 

N .

O .

P .

Q .

R .

S .

T .

U .

V .

W .

X .

Y .

Z .

– ( Proverbs in English ) –

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  2. July 19, 2016

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